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DM Orthotics

Balancing the Clinical and Personal: DM Orthotics' Digital Evolution

The challenge

Expanding their DTC reach with a new digital experience

DM Orthotics is a leading producer of wearable orthoses made of dynamic elastomeric fabric that assists people with disabilities in improving their mobility. They were on the lookout to expand their Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) offering and reach a larger audience through the web. However, their outdated website didn’t align with this vision. They needed a complete website redesign, along with up-to-date web development to create a bespoke User Experience (UX) that balanced the needs of clinical and end users with a global audience with the ability to scale. We were excited to help.

Company Size



£100,00 – £150,000

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The solution

Discovering the challenge

Despite DM Orthotics’ strong brand presence in the UK, they envisioned helping more people with their life-changing orthotics. A worldwide expansion into the direct-to-consumer market seemed the next bold step. Yet, their existing communication and user journeys seemed too clinical, too cold. It catered well to professionals prescribing orthoses but overlooked a crucial audience – the end users – be it the patients or their representatives. Right at the start, this became our core goal to overcome from a UX perspective.

Redefining the brand

We rejuvenated DM Orthotics’ logo into something more modern, ensuring it was current yet familiar, along with comprehensive guidelines that provided clarity on its usage, aligning it with the company’s refreshed vision.

Personas & user experience

DMO discovery doc

We established two primary personas – The Clinicians and The End Users. We conducted user interviews and delved deep into each group’s unique needs and preferences, giving us all the rich research and information we needed to validate, change, or adapt our hypothesis to help us create the needed design patterns.

A seamless journey

Our UX designers got started with an information architecture that outlines the hierarchy of the site. What’s notable about this site is how we simplified the navigation by splitting it into two core user journeys. This allows end users and health professionals to be led down the appropriate routes with the specific information they need from the get-go.

Promoting real customer stories

With any life-changing product, the power of customer stories is huge, giving the user a real opportunity to see the benefits by standing in their shoes. Therefore, we created a gallery page in the main navigation to showcase these stories. Each story includes a video featuring the customer’s experience, allowing us to move away from technical and feature-specific information and focus on the life-changing benefits of DM Orthotics wearables, helping support the Direct-to-Consumer model.

Products and shop

The shop section has been broken down into appropriate categories for more straightforward navigation. Users can now easily access relevant products, along with supporting content, whether searching by body area or condition. You can even hover over a body part area to select correlating products – a way to engage users in a non-text-based way.

Product Page

The product page was crucial to get right, especially with the variety of calls to actions (CTA) the user could from. All DM Orthotics products are categorised into three groups: DMO Essentials, Custom, or Sensory. This means some products are off-the-shelf, while others are custom-made and require specific measurements. Customers can visit a nearby clinic or use an online guide to obtain these measurements. To address this, we have implemented a bespoke CMS feature that enables the DMO team to select various options when uploading a product.

For clinicians & health professionals

For health professionals, we created a dedicated space. From essential assets to a unique training area, we ensured clinicians felt valued and empowered. A clinician’s work is demanding, and we recognise that. Our clinic booking system streamlined the booking experience for patients, seamlessly integrating with Outlook calendars. This not only reduced administrative work but also significantly enhanced the client experience. Gone were the days of third-party reliance; everything was brought in-house for DMO.

The results

Increased traffic, longer session durations, and higher conversion rates

The post-launch phase of DM Orthotics’ new website saw significant achievements, including increased traffic, longer session durations, and higher conversion rates. Users praised the ease of navigation and modern design, while client testimonials highlighted the enhanced functionality and personalised user journeys. Operational efficiency improved with streamlined processes like the clinic booking system and centralised resources for clinicians. Overall, the digital transformation boosted user engagement and brand value, creating a modernised online presence that resonated with both clinicians and end users.

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