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2 min read

How we use User Stories in our Projects

Discover the power of user stories in our projects and how they allow us to meet deadlines quicker. Read now.

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3 min read

How we use Agile in a real-life project

Our product managers run their projects using the agile methodology. Read now to find out the multiple reasons why.

Information Team
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3 min read

Product Manager vs Project Manager

Product managers and project managers play different roles in ensuring a project runs smoothly. Read more to find out the differences.

people looking at a board with pos it notes on during a meeting
3 min read

What is a Product Manager?

Explore the role of a product manager at Hiyield: how they prioritise features, collaborate with teams, and ensure project delivery.

Digital Products Team
team working together writing post it notes
5 min read

User-Centred Success: A Comprehensive Breakdown of the UX Design Process

In digital design, understanding the UX process is vital. This blog shows each stage with insights and examples, highlighting its importance.

Information UX Web Design
Cartoon website
9 min read

Making Digital Greener Together: Webinar Wrap-Up

Read the wrap-up for our webinar 'Making Digital Greener Together' with Hiyield’s Matt Ville and Scott Stonham from Digital Carbon Online.

Information Websites
person watching webinar and making notes
3 min read

Prototype or MVP: Navigating Early-Stage Product Development

Prototype or MVP? During early stage product development this will be a question of yours. In this blog we dive into pros and cons of both.

person looking at a board with papers pinned up
3 min read

Spotify’s AI DJ in the UK: Revolutionary or Underwhelming?

Explore Spotify's AI DJ with us! Is it a game-changer or tech novelty? Read now for our verdict on Spotify's AI DJ.

spotify open on a phone
2 min read

From Concept to Code: A Comprehensive Guide to Being a Software Designer

In tech, software designers drive innovation by crafting solutions. Explore insights, skills, tools, and career paths in this role.

Information Web Design
Cartoon people looking at web design and talking about it
2 min read

Celebrating our success at the Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards!

Celebrate our success at the Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards and find out more about apprenticeships at Hiyield.

Cornwall Apprenticeship Award winners
Laura Hudspith asterisk

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