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2 min read

Celebrating our success at the Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards!

Celebrate our success at the Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards and find out more about apprenticeships at Hiyield.

Cornwall Apprenticeship Award winners
2 min read

Join our webinar: Making Digital Greener Together.

Sign up now for our upcoming webinar, Making Digital Greener Together. Discover everything you need to know and how to register.

person attending a webinar and taking notes
3 min read

Low-fidelity vs High-fidelity Prototyping: What’s Best for Your Project?

Prototyping visually represents your final product with varying fidelity levels. This blog shows the differences between low and high fidelity.

Digital Products Information + 1 more
people looking at low and high fidelity designs
3 min read

Branding vs Marketing: Understanding the Key Differences

Unravel the differences between branding and marketing and learn how each plays a crucial role in your business.

branding material with a laptop open and a camera
3 min read

Taking Steps Towards Sustainable Web Design

Through our B Corp journey, we have taken steps to make more sustainable websites. We've made a list of ways for you to do the same.

Web Design
designer working on sustainable web design
2 min read

Our brand new office in Bristol

We’re opening a new Bristol office allowing us to provide better services, a new office location to work from, hold more events and more.

Bristol office workspace
3 min read

The Best Help Desk Ticketing Software of 2023: Unpacking Top Solutions

Businesses use help desk software for efficient customer support. In this blog, we'll cover the best help desk ticketing softwares in 2023.

2 people looking and pointing at a screen at a web development agency
3 min read

Software Development Apprenticeship in the UK: Worth Your Time?

Thinking of adding a software developer apprentice to your team? Read more about our journey of having apprentices on the team.

software developers Justin and Lyle working together
4 min read

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Sustainability

Ready for digital sustainability? Read our beginner's guide to digital sustainability and how we've added them to our business.

small plant with leaves coming out of laptop keyboard
Emil Pruden
3 min read

Hiyield joins the global B Corp community

Discover how Hiyield's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility led to its membership in the global B Corp community.

Information Team
Laura Hudspith asterisk

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