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A thought leadership community for global supply chain leaders navigating the climate era

The challenge

The Zero100 Member Hub

Accelerating progress to Zero Percent Carbon, 100% Digital

Zero100’s mission ‘is to close the gap between the importance, speed and complexity of today’s supply chain profession, and the outdated research and benchmarks that support it, to accelerate progress to Zero Percent Carbon, 100% Digital.

The Zero100 team reached a point where their existing website had limitations and was ready for their next evolution: creating a digital community hub teeming with valuable content. This hub was envisioned as a rich repository of information, offering role-specific, seniority-level resources ranging from events to podcasts.

They required a team proficient in cutting-edge web technologies to actualise this vision. That’s where we come into play,  assisting the Zero100 team in creating a modern member hub that’s as gorgeous as it is lightning fast. Here’s what happened.

UX & UI Design, Web Design, Web Development, WordPress Websites
Company Size


Climate Awareness

£20,000 – £50,000

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A need for a dynamic, approachable, swift, and competent team

Our north star was to launch a new website and offer a seamless, all-in-one access point to all content for Zero100’s members. The goal was to craft a unique User Experience (UX) that was effortless and engaging for front-end users. Plus, the Zero100 team needed an equally straightforward way to manage their content.

We determined that the most effective approach was to develop a new, separate website from their existing one, leveraging the versatility of the WordPress Content Management System. The envisioned member’s area would boast hyper-fast load times and would integrate seamlessly with their current website through a simple hyperlink / Call to Action (CTA) that would direct users to the subdomain:, leading them straight to the new hub.

A collaborative effort with Zero100’s brand and in-house UX Designer

Zero 100’s internal UX designer had already developed a thoughtful Information Architecture (IA) and a modern brand. The task at hand was to harmoniously integrate these elements into the structure of the new member’s area.

Zero100 IA

“It was great to have face to face kick off in Bristol and meeting to go through the designs with the client in London – it helped me go through the designs page by page and answer any questions the client had in real time”

– Anita Jones, Senior UX Designer at Hiyield

A cutting-edge, responsive content library of insights

Zero100 Figma

The web solution incorporated a robust visual identity designed to be responsive on any screen size, enabling users to access content anytime, anywhere. The design provided a consistent user experience across all devices while also allowing for the development of new features that met the specific needs of the Zero 100 team.

Every screen, three clicks away

The site was designed to make content accessible in a mere three clicks for user convenience, utilising the homepage, a search function, and a content tab. And to make sure nothing was missed, we carried out usability testing to identify potential UX hiccups, ensuring the site met the end user’s needs and expectations.

A striking contrast: dark, sharp, and white

The site’s dark hues contrast beautifully with the light typography, offering a visually appealing, sharp design that meets the highest accessibility standards. It’s pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and effortless to navigate.

Adaptable Design: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

A mobile-first design approach was adopted, beginning with the smallest screen size before expanding to larger displays. This strategy allowed each design element to be evaluated at a smaller resolution before implementing changes that could affect larger screens. This ensured all design components were proportionate and functioned seamlessly across devices.

The Results

The Zero 100 members’ hub has now been successfully launched, providing a streamlined platform for the Zero100 team to share valuable content. Members now have the ease of watching, reading, listening, or registering for events right at their fingertips.

Over the coming months, the hub will be closely monitored and adjusted as necessary to ensure it’s fully optimised for the best user experience. In addition, the development team will remain in close collaboration with Zero 100, focusing on next-stage advancements to facilitate their objectives.

The ultimate goal remains: accelerating progress towards a zero per cent carbon and 100% digital future.

“With a particularly high quality bar for project management, Hiyield rose to the challenge, and whilst we took some time finding our feet, this had no impact on the actual throughput of the work, and once our ways of working were clear, we continued to have fruitful delivery of deliverables. The team, as a whole, went above and beyond to cater to our needs.” – Parvesh Shivshanker, Principal Product Director at Zero100

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