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The Wave Digital Transformations

Streamlining the customer check-in process and creating new marketing potential

The challenge

The Wave x Hiyield

The Wave is Bristol’s newest attraction. An artificial wave that provides up to 1000 razor-sharp barrels an hour all year round. It was founded in 2010 and opened in the Autumn of 2019. 

The Wave team saw an opportunity to utilise technology to improve their processes. They had already implemented technologies to help operations run. However, they weren’t working effectively, straining the customer experience and causing inefficiencies. 

The Wave team were full of ideas and was excited to improve their digital processes. They found us, and we recognised that we could help them achieve their digital ambitions. 

Digital Products, Outsource Software Development, UX & UI Design, Web App Development
Company Size


Leisure & Hospitality

£100,00 – £150,000

The Wave open on phones

The solution

Working as an integrated team

Due to the scale of The Wave’s projects, we recommended the most integrated and impactful approach. The Hiyield team would have contracted days per week to work solely with The Wave so that we can work deeper into improving their processes and also take an active role in deciding what the future might look like.

Taking the lead in managing the project is our founder Matt. We also have two members of our development team working on allocated days to give uninterrupted service. We used our communication and project management tools, Productive and Slack uniting us as a team.

Improving the onsite check-in process

The Wave Team was eager to streamline the way they welcome people onsite and check them in for their bookings. It’s the first touchpoint with the customers, so getting the experience right, and automating as much as possible was key.

The current process was manual, with a team using standard tills to check people in when they arrived on site. This caused queues and confusion, so we needed to find a better way.

The Wave open in a laptop

The check-in solution: integrating technologies, building a Restful API, and a mobile web app.

Using the current systems: Viva ticket, Soap API and the XML feed The Wave already had in place, Our developers used Celery to convert their data into our own database. Then we built a bespoke Restful API that would retrieve and sort the correct for customers to check themselves in onsite.

We designed a bespoke UI for the check-in process with a seamless user experience so that customers’ first touch point at The Wave is a delightful one.

The waiver system

Part of the booking service the customer had to read and sign a waiver.

The Wave Team wanted to streamline this process and build a bespoke web app that would be easy to use for its customers and displayed on all devices.

Our developers built a new API pulling the necessary data from the VivaTicket API. This data was then pushed into a new responsive front end that we designed and built using Vue.js.

Improved sales through TV Screens

For marketing purposes, The Wave team added new tv screens around the site. The idea was to encourage surfers to rebook another surf session by displaying the next available slots. 

To achieve this, our developers used a restful API to pull the correct information from the database. Using Tailwind he designed and built a new responsive front end UI that will adapt to any sized TV screen. 

There’s always a delicate balance when choosing technologies for a client. Here we chose a very modern stack that fitted with The Wave’s ambition to evolve the platform over time and create more engagement with its customers.

Technologies used

  • Language: Python, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5
  • Server-side: Django
  • Client-side: Vue.js, 
  • CSS and UI: Tailwind CSS
  • Backend Technology: Redis InMemory
  • Database & Celery Message Queue
  • Database: PostgreSQL

The results

The Wave results

The customer at the heart of the project

The Wave’s way of working is exactly suited to us. We always think about the end goal, satisfying the customer, and in our case, the user. We believe that doing so creates lasting value.

A better customer experience

The digital transformations have seen an increase in onsite bookings and have created a smooth process for the customers and the staff to carry out the day-to-day operations.

The Wave team is doing an incredible job of building a bright future, coming up with new ideas to innovate. We continue to make sure everything is running smoothly while planning our next project as an integrated part of their team, helping them unleash their digital potential.

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