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Two founders' journey to enhancing menopause support

The challenge

WomenWise x Hiyield

Sarah and Vicky, two founders raring to go, discovered us here at Hiyield, recognising our expertise and experience in the startup world. Soon after we met, we were thrilled they chose us to help to support them, where we helped them expand their idea by leveraging technology, mapping out the solutions, and laying out a product roadmap. For us here at Hiyield, supporting purposeful ideas and entrepreneurs is what we love most.

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£50,000 – £199,999


The solution

Taking a phased approach

The project was divided into a phased approach based on an Agile philosophy, allowing the team to focus on validating and building the core value of the business based on research and feedback.

Phase one will be about expanding the idea, achieving product-market fit, and gaining traction, all by creating a website to showcase what WomenWise aims to achieve and encourage people to sign up and be the first notified about the product’s release. The website will show the importance of menopause support and the benefits of using WomenWise (coming soon!).

The second phase will involve creating the web app, also known as the minimum viable product (MVP), using cutting-edge technologies. This app will be the core solution to create personalised support for every user.

Research: laying down the groundwork for success

First, we conducted research with WomenWise to better understand the market and potential customers, identifying key competitors and similar businesses in the industry. Then, we defined a range of target audiences who would benefit most from our product.

Beating the one-size-fits-all approach

Defining the target audience

As a new business in the space, we defined one core target audience for maximum impact to enter the market and cut through the noise. Long story short, the chosen audience was the health-conscious women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms, have higher incomes and are either highly educated or have a desire to learn.

Defining the value proposition

To position WomenWise amongst its competition and define a value proposition, we specified that WomenWise needed to be a high-value premium product that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, differentiating from the competition that only provides one – or little – solutions based on individual needs and circumstances.

WomenWise would create personalised perimenopause plans for each user based on the individual’s requirements and underlying health imbalances. With WomenWise, women will feel confident about what’s to come with a comprehensive and personalised plan to manage their menopausal symptoms and improve their overall health and well-being.

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Phase one – testing the concept

It was time to bring the concept to life. Our UX designers created a design that was circulated amongst the team for sign-off and direction. We landed on a soft, emotive brand and a perfectly constructed website geared towards telling the brand’s story.

A balance of making an impact and nurturing the user

Using the homepage – the primary point of entry for anyone visiting the site – we took the opportunity to make an impact on the user early on in their journey. The goal here was to make the user feel special and welcome and avoid inducing any stress or urgency in potential customers, as this will have a negative effect. We recommended using, what we call, a soft call to action (CTA) through the website with the copy ‘Join the waiting list’ or ‘Get Early Access’ throughout the site. If the user needed further convincing to sign up, they would explore the site further to find out more.

The origin story

An origin story is a powerful tool that can help new users understand why they should invest in a business. And WomenWise is no exception, so we recommended that Sarah and Vicky tell their story on an “About Us” page along with their mission to make an impact.

How it works

And now for a ‘How it Works’ page dedicated to showcasing the product offerings and the process behind delivering a comprehensive bespoke menopause plan, along with the product benefits, outlining all the positive effects the plan can have on their life.

Wise words

The website also has a blog page known as ‘Wise Words’ where users can enjoy interesting articles and posts around the menus page, getting valuable insights and tips that align with the product’s mission – which will also create a sense of community.

104+ sign-ups and achieving product market fit

Launching a new idea is a challenging task. But with the right team, hard work and passion, the WomenWise team have defied the odds achieving over 104 sign-ups and a number of additional inquiries, demonstrating a clear need for their product. This clearly shows the power of a well-executed concept, a clear value proposition, and an unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of their target market.

With such a strong start, it’s evident that WomenWise is a product people need, validating the concept and will no doubt revolutionise the industry and become a game-changer in women’s lives. We call this product market fit. Now, to build the product.

Phase two – creating the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

After the successful launch of phase one, it was time to create the minimum viable product and build out the offering.

Using the discovery findings and the brand guidelines, we put together a prototype of the web app. The MVP will include payment gateways, login functionality, data storage, and a questionnaire and symptom checker that will help monitor and provide tailored help for every customer.

The WomenWise team and a group of professionals curated the questionnaire, which was then designed into an easy-to-use and digestible UI design aligning with the current website’s look and feel. Initially, the questionnaire and test results will gather feedback for the WomenWise team. However, in the future, the process will become more automated in future phases thanks to advanced technologies.

Modern technology using Nuxt3

To ensure the MVP is cutting-edge and at the forefront of technology, the WomenWise web app uses modern web app technology called Nuxt3 – only available in 2023! By incorporating the latest technologies and innovations, WomenWise is well-positioned to have the latest and greatest web technologies.

Tech Stack:

  • Nuxt
  • Vuejs
  • ExpressJS
  • Stripe
  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Docker
  • Firebase
  • Tailwind

The results

Revenue generating. Investment winning. Better support.

WomenWise is now live and has gone from idea to revenue-generating in under a year! And, to further the excitement, they’ve also gone on to get a further investment that’ll help them continue to grow and, most importantly, provide better menopause support for women.

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