Prototyping is crucial for validating product ideas before full development. We create clickable, realistic prototypes that emulate the final product, allowing for effective user testing. Whether for a website, web app, or mobile app, our UI designers leverage the latest technology to develop bespoke prototypes. This process helps ensure that the user experience is refined and optimised before moving forward with development.


A clickable prototype to ensure your digital product is led by evidence

Prototyping is crucial as it ensures that your digital solutions are built based on solid evidence. Positioned between design and development within our process, prototyping allows for rapid testing and iteration—without the need for coding. This approach accelerates design sprints and maximises the impact of your investment if you’re looking to create a web app, website or digital platform.

Our team specialises in Figma for prototyping, fully utilising its capabilities to turn your concepts into visually compelling and interactive prototypes. These prototypes offer a clear and detailed preview of your final product.

Our process is built upon industry best practices and standards, encompassing conceptualisation, wireframing, user testing, and iterative refinement. This methodology guarantees that your project has a robust foundation, leading to superior outcomes.

How we’ll deliver your prototype

Conceptualisation and Wireframing: Our process begins with conceptualisation, where your ideas and requirements are transformed into an initial design framework. We create detailed wireframes that lay out the structural arrangement of your digital product. This stage sets the groundwork for all subsequent design and development efforts.

Interactive Prototyping: Using Figma, our designers develop interactive prototypes that mimic the look and feel of the final product. This stage allows us to refine user interfaces and workflows without the need for programming. It provides a tangible way to explore your project’s functionality and gather feedback swiftly.

User Testing and Iterative Refinement: After prototyping, we move into user testing, which plays a critical role in our process. Feedback from real users helps us identify areas for improvement, ensuring that the final product is not only functional but also user-centered. We iterate on the design until it meets all requirements and exceeds user expectations.

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Rapid validation of concepts

Prototyping allows you to quickly validate ideas before investing significant resources. This early testing helps confirm whether a concept meets business objectives and user needs, reducing the risk of costly changes later in development.

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Enhanced user engagement

By creating interactive prototypes, we provide an early preview of the user experience. This engagement is invaluable for gathering feedback and ensuring the final product is intuitive and meets user expectations.

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Efficient development process

Prototyping streamlines the development process. By identifying and resolving usability issues early, we minimise rework, speed up the development timeline, and ultimately reduce costs.

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