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A digital platform, revolutionising leadership assessments

The challenge

A seamless 360° platform

A group of academics recognised the issues with unreliable survey-based leadership assessments, which many companies used despite their inconsistent and flawed feedback systems. Finding scientifically validated assessments was equally challenging and required significant effort and resources. In response, this group of experts set out to create a groundbreaking solution: a seamless, easy-to-use 360° leadership assessment platform. Endorsed and supported by the League of Leadership, ESRC Cross funding, and the University of Exeter, they leveraged our expertise to bring this innovative vision to life.

Digital Products, UX & UI Design, Web App Development
Company Size



£80k -£100k


The solution

Building a robust MVP

By embracing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach, the strategy allowed us to get the product to market quickly, enabling the team to gather valuable insights and iterate based on real user feedback. They already had a brand identity, which provided a solid foundation for designing the platform.

We would build a modern web app using the latest technologies. For the front end, we chose Nuxt.js V3, and for the back end, we used Express.js. This combination not only ensured a scalable and robust solution but also laid the groundwork for future development and enhancements.

The web app was designed to encompass the entire platform, starting with a marketing website to explain who they are and what they offer, as well as a secure portal that serves as the entry point for both survey creators and participants — the two target user groups for the platform.

Transforming the brand into web-friendly design roots

Building on the existing brand, we created a selection of UI design colour schemes for the team to choose from. This laid the groundwork for the rest of the user interface (UI) design, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing platform that stays true to their brand identity.

Simplifying the complex into a seamless interface for the survey creators

Our UX and UI design team crafted a seamless and intuitive user journey for survey creators. From signing up to creating or managing surveys, the process is designed to be friction-free. Survey creators can choose from ready-made, professional-grade surveys to send out to participants and easily analyse the data with automated graphs on the results page. This streamlined approach ensures efficiency and ease of use.

Easy-to-digest visual data analysis

As mentioned above, one standout feature for the survey creator user journey is the results page, where numerical values and graphical representations are displayed to facilitate effective data interpretation and analysis. This approach provides users with a comprehensive view of the assessment outcomes. Additionally, we included animations and data export functionality within the platform, adding further value and enabling users to seamlessly share and present their findings.

Seamless and transparent experience for participants

When designing the UX and UI for the survey participants, we focused on a minimalist and clear design to ensure an effortless user journey. Invited participants have a core dashboard where all necessary information is readily accessible without the need to dig around. Additionally, the slick UI design features an automatic progress indicator, showing participants how much of the survey they have completed. This makes the experience pleasant and transparent by informing them of the remaining time required.

A single, simple scroll landing page

We designed the landing page with a clean, airy, and sharp aesthetic, featuring a seamless single-page user journey. A video in the main homepage hero section effortlessly demonstrates how the platform works, providing an engaging introduction for visitors. Carefully crafted copywriting communicates key points clearly and effectively, ensuring users can grasp the platform’s benefits without any heavy lifting. Additionally, we included a block that highlights the benefits for both user groups: survey creators and individual participants, showcasing how each group can gain value from the platform.

Lightening-fast load time

By leveraging the speed and efficiency of Vue.js and Nuxt.js, TEXL offers significantly faster load times and improved responsiveness. Hosting the backend on Google Cloud Run ensures scalability, providing optimal performance even during peak usage. By minimising loading times and enhancing responsiveness, Texl delivers a smooth and efficient user experience in navigation.

Compliance with GDPR

A key challenge of the project was ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect users’ information, as the platform stores personal data. Our team implemented strong data encryption, consent management mechanisms, and robust access controls to secure data. These measures ensure the proper handling and protection of personal data, building user trust and ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

The results

A functional MVP ready for next stage development

The MVP is now live, smoothly engaging users, and we are on hand for any necessary bug fixes. The team at TEXL is gathering a wealth of feedback, which is shaping many new features for the next stage of development.

“They thrived off the technical difficulties we posed and really demonstrated their care and enthusiasm,” said Michelle Mahdon, Research Fellow & Co-Founder of TEXL, University of Exeter.

Looking ahead, the TEXL team is excited to expand the platform’s functionality and roll it out across more universities and commercial organisations.

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