User Research

User research is the foundation of building digital products that truly resonate with people. Understanding your users is critical—if you don’t know who they are or what they desire, how can you create something they will find valuable and necessary?

User research

The foundation we build from

User research is vital, forming the cornerstone of our digital product development. By deeply analysing both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of user behaviour and needs, we ensure every product decision is driven by comprehensive user insights. This method not only improves user satisfaction but also enhances overall product success.

Our approach involves understanding why users make specific choices on digital platforms, identifying their journeys and the pain points they encounter. We combine qualitative methods—like personalised, one-to-one interactions for genuine insights—with quantitative data analysis, providing a balanced view of user trends and behaviours.

At Hiyield, we engage in both open, exploratory conversations and structured data collection. This dual strategy allows us to delve into and address the real problems users face, ensuring our digital products are optimally aligned with user needs and expectations.

How we conduct user research

Moderated Observational Studies: We observe users interacting with your product in real-time to gain insights into their behaviour and experiences. This method helps us identify usability issues, pain points, and opportunities to enhance user engagement.

Surveys and Questionnaires: We collect structured feedback through surveys and questionnaires, which provide valuable data on user preferences, satisfaction, and specific pain points. This quantitative feedback complements the qualitative insights from interviews and observational studies, supporting our data-informed decision-making process.

Empathy Mapping Workshops: These workshops are key to deepening our understanding of user experiences. By visualising users’ emotions, needs, and challenges, empathy mapping helps us step into the users’ shoes. This approach leads to more empathetic and user-centred designs.

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Enhanced product usability

Through moderated observational studies, we pinpoint and address usability issues directly. This ensures that the final product is intuitive and user-friendly, significantly enhancing user engagement.

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Data-informed design decisions

Surveys and questionnaires provide a rich source of quantitative data, complementing qualitative insights and enabling us to make well-informed decisions about product design and development.

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Deeper user empathy

Empathy mapping workshops allow our design team to truly understand and empathise with the user’s experience. This deep insight ensures that our designs are not only functional but also resonate emotionally with users, leading to more effective and satisfying products.

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