User Research

User research is where it all starts. Building digital products that people love. If you don’t know who your users are and truly understand what they want, how can you build something they want and need?

Why is user research important?

User research is the foundation we build our digital products. It helps us understand why people make certain choices while interacting with digital platforms. What drives users to embark on specific journeys, and what pain points do they encounter?

Our user research strategies reveal these crucial insights, allowing us to design products that not only cater to your users’ desires but also address their needs.

Our approach to user research

At Hiyield, we embrace a qualitative approach to user research, prioritising one-to-one interactions with carefully selected target users. This personalised approach fosters genuine user-led insights. We create an environment where open, exploratory conversations take place, enabling us to delve deep into the problems you seek to solve.

This empathetic approach is a key part of our user research methodology, as it ensures that the digital products we develop are finely tuned to meet your users’ requirements.

User research tools and techniques

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Moderated observational studies

By observing users as they interact with your product in real-time, we gain valuable insights into their behaviour and experiences. This approach allows us to identify usability issues, pain points, and areas where user engagement can be enhanced.

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Surveys and questionnaires

Structured feedback is collected through surveys and questionnaires. This method provides data on user preferences, satisfaction, and pain points. It complements the qualitative insights we gather through interviews and observational studies, allowing us to make data-informed decisions.

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Empathy mapping workshops

To enhance our understanding of user experiences, we use empathy mapping workshops. These workshops help us visualise users’ emotions, needs, and pain points of users as they engage with your product. We can create more empathetic and user-focused designs by putting ourselves in their shoes.

Mastering user research

User research is an art that requires a perceptive eye to interpret findings and insights. We bridge the gap between what users say they want and what they truly need in different contexts. Our team extracts the essential insights and aligns them with consistent observations. This accuracy is vital for crafting digital products that meet your users’ needs and align with your values.

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