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A bespoke digital experience to drive conversions for the UK's leading flexible workspace experts

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The challenge

Enhancing digital experiences for boosted conversion rates

BizSpace, the UK’s top choice for flexible workspaces tailored for SMEs, recently embarked on a journey to refresh their online image. Their mission? To boost their website’s conversion rates, ensure a sleek, consistent design, and provide a sleek user experience. Recognising that their previous website felt a bit dated and lacked a cohesive style, the team at BizSpace was ready to create a more modern and welcoming digital space – that’s where we come in. Our aim: to design an online environment that’s not only appealing but also highly efficient, catering to the varied needs of BizSpace’s diverse customer base.

UX & UI Design, Development
Company Size



£70,000 – £100,000

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The solution

A content management system (CMS) that’s easy to use

BizSpace previously encountered a significant challenge: their CMS was notably difficult to navigate. To remedy this, we focused on user-friendliness in our solution. By developing the website using WordPress CMS, known for its intuitive interface, we significantly eased the content management process. We further enhanced this experience by incorporating the WordPress Block Editor, offering BizSpace heightened flexibility and a wealth of customisation options. The seamless integration of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF6) with Gutenberg ensures a smooth, hassle-free interaction between the website’s front end and back end, simplifying content updates and management for BizSpace.

Modifying the brand an creating a seamless user experience (UX)

The earlier branding guidelines featured old imagery and overly vivid colours that didn’t resonate on the web. While we retained key elements of BizSpace’s existing brand identity, we adopted cleaner design principles, including more white space, to forge a visually attractive and navigable interface.

To meet BizSpace’s objectives of boosting conversions and enhancing user experience, Hiyield introduced a new design system along with a complete hi fi design making sure the user journey was seamless with a variety of experience enhancing features, all with with appropriate call to actions in the right place, at the right time. This system not only elevated the website’s UX but also laid a solid foundation for BizSpace’s future digital initiatives.

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A close collaboration with the BizSpace team

Throughout the project, our collaboration with the BizSpace team was key to achieving a successful website redesign. To boost SEO performance, we implemented various JSON-LD SEO Schemas, leading to notable improvements in search engine visibility. Additionally, facing a tight deadline, we adopted a component-based design approach in close collaboration with BizSpace’s SEO team. This strategy of using reusable components not only streamlined the design process but also development, ensuring we met our project timeline efficiently.

Custom search with a dynamic map

A key highlight of this project was the significant enhancement of the search functionality for BizSpace workspaces. The previous website’s search feature was inadequate, resulting in a less-than-optimal user experience and challenges in locating BizSpace locations.

Our newly developed custom design dramatically improved this aspect, enabling users to effortlessly locate a BizSpace near them. The advanced search feature now includes comprehensive filtering options, allowing visitors to refine their search for specific types of spaces that cater to their unique needs. A standout feature is the property search map, which dynamically updates listings as users navigate the map. This integration with Google Maps has notably enriched the user experience, making it both convenient and engaging for users to discover the various locations BizSpace offers.

The results

Conversions increased by 208%

Once the site launched, the results were immediate, with the current website traffic converting more than ever. Not only that, but over the months since the launch, the BizSpace team has been getting to know WordPress, continuing to drive new SEO pages and optimize current ones. This project is a testament to how the combination of good UX works in parallel to improving and sustaining conversion rates.

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