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A low carbon website for the RFTS and CNG fuels merger

The challenge

A Greenhouse x Hiyield Collaboration

Greenhouse approached us with their campaign, ‘ReFuels’ – a merger of RFTS and CNG Fuels, creating an integrated energy supplier committed to decarbonising Europe’s commercial fleet. ReFuels currently supports over 1,275 trucks refuelling daily at existing sites, with plans to expand capacity to 8,000. They dispense renewable biomethane, achieving fleet carbon reductions exceeding 90%. While Greenhouse had a robust PR communication plan to promote ReFuels, they required a low carbon, informative, and engaging website to be the centrepiece of their communications strategy.

Company Size



£15,000 – £20,000

RefFuels homepage screenshot

The solution

A multi phase approach

Given the project’s fast pace, we adopted a multi-phase strategy. Initially, we created a holding page, which evolved into a comprehensive multi-page site featuring a news section with content sourced from a third-party investor news feed.

Navigation, simplified

We streamlined the navigation to focus user attention on content, particularly on desktop, gently guiding users through the content on the site without distraction.

Transitioning the brand into a web design system

ReFuels HiFi design Screenshot

Our design team effectively transitioned the brand’s identity into a web design system that not only met accessibility standards but also established a standardised design framework for the entire project.

Reusable components with consistent style and branding

To facilitate future growth, we built the website on a content management system, using modular blocks. This approach allows the Greenhouse and ReFuels teams to expand their website while maintaining a consistent style and branding.

The angle motif

A distinctive feature of the ReFuels design is the angle motif integrated into the UI design. This unique element contributes to the overall design aesthetic and creates an engaging scroll illusion.

The Investor Hub – simplifying investor documentation

ReFuels investor hub

A critical aspect of this project was presenting complex investor documentation clearly to both investors and interested parties. We established an organised hub of information for investors, with multiple user journey routes catering to both primary audiences.

Integrating investor information from an external news feed

From a technical standpoint, a noteworthy bespoke feature of the website was our custom integration, using a WordPress plugin, to retrieve an external news feed from Modular Finance.

The results

Increased traffic and smooth operation

Since its launch, the site has steadily attracted more visitors and functioned flawlessly. Greenhouse PR and the ReFuels team continuously update the site using our bespoke, user-friendly WordPress CMS.

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RefFuels mobile homepage screenshot
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