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New York Water Week

A digital platform, delivered in rapid time

Greenhouse x Hiyield Collaboration

Rapid development for a global cause

Greenhouse Communications; a specialist green communications agency and close partner of Hiyield, approached us with an exciting campaign: New York Water Week (NYWW). They needed a digital platform built quickly to serve as the central information hub for the event. The platform was to show what NYWW was about and the diverse range of events on offer – a unique opportunity to share knowledge and solutions in line with the United Nations 2023 Water Conference, with the goal of driving ambitious action and influencing the Water Action Agenda.

UX & UI Design, Web Design, Web Development, WordPress Websites
Company Size

Company size

Climate Awareness

£15,000 – £20,000


The solution

Transforming vision into reality: our strategic approach

In collaboration with Greenhouse and our UX design team, we identified four core objectives for the user experience of this project:

  • Clear Communication: Provide comprehensive information about what New York Water Week entails.
  • Event Display: Showcase all events occurring during New York Water Week, including details on how to sign up and attend.
  • Event Submission Platform: Enable stakeholders to submit event details easily through a dedicated platform.
  • Efficient Management: Allow NYWW administrators to review, approve, or revise event submissions seamlessly before hosting them on the platform.

A design system with a squiggly line motif

Building on the initial branding provided by Greenhouse, our design team developed a cohesive design system for the platform, centered around a unique squiggly line motif. This distinctive design element established the foundation for the entire design aesthetic, creating a visual signature that is both memorable and reflective of the brand’s identity. By integrating this motif consistently throughout the platform, we ensured a unified and engaging user experience.

ReFuels design system

Bright colours and dynamic elements

The UI design expanded on the squiggly line motif, incorporating bright colours and dynamic elements to move away from traditional conference branding. This approach created a fresh and engaging user experience, making the platform visually appealing and vibrant. The use of bold, lively colours and interactive components not only captured the attention of users but also reinforced the innovative spirit of New York Water Week.

New York Water Week Hi Fi Design

Quick and easy information delivery

User experience (UX) played a crucial role in quickly conveying information to users, ensuring they understood the essence of the project. This was achieved by minimising the number of webpages and designing a bespoke event finder, enabling users to filter and locate events quickly and effortlessly. The streamlined design ensured that users could easily access key information, enhancing their overall experience and engagement with New York Water Week.

new york water week event finder

User-friendly management system

Stakeholders hosting events in New York could easily submit their event details through the website’s front end. Meanwhile, the admin staff for the NYWW platform could efficiently manage submissions via a backend system — a highly customised WordPress setup with an intuitive admin area. This setup allowed them to publish and manage events on the website seamlessly, as well as oversee all the platform’s content. The user-friendly management system ensured that the platform remained dynamic and up-to-date with minimal effort.

The results

NYWW promoted over 100 events focusing on water-based action against climate change and global inequality

The NYWW digital platform successfully promoted over 100 events, leading to thousands of sign-ups. This project marks yet another successful collaboration with our partners at Greenhouse, demonstrating the power of progressive partnerships for the good of our world. By leveraging our combined expertise, we were able to create a platform that not only raised awareness but also drove meaningful action towards combating climate change and global inequality.

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