Tech Stack

Core to the Hiyield team’s infrastructure is a dynamic team of developers and designers, specialising in a variety of programming languages, frameworks, integrations, apps and more. We love to learn and play with the latest trends.

Coding languages

These are the programming languages that our development team codes in. From Python to C# we are well equipped.

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Frameworks help us to write code fast so we can concentrate on the more important things about your product. They save time, money and keep up with best practices in coding standards.

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The technologies that we use to help store your data.

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These are the cloud platforms that we develop with. We cover the high-level Google Cloud down to the nitty-gritty of Celery.

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From cheaper hosting rates to high security hosting for enterprises businesses.

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Web Technologies

A few other technologies to help us build the best products.

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Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (DC)

The tools we use for our developers to code together on a single project.

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Testing / Quality

Making sure that our code is working the way it should be.


Tying together your product with the right modifications, functionality and more.

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Let’s get started!

Great digital products aren’t just built, they’re co-created. Together, let’s breathe life into your idea, crafting solutions that stand out.