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Once I’ve Gone

Live for today, and prepare for tomorrow. A product that’ll make a difference

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The challenge

Live for today, and prepare for tomorrow.

Once I’ve Gone (OIG) came across Hiyeld when they were a newly funded seed-stage startup. 

OIG, at its core, is a product that holds important documents, passwords and relevant information and releases it to the right person in the event of bereavement. Plus, it’s a service with additional benefits to care for and help people at challenging times.

Ian, the founder of OIG, came from a non-technical background and needed a team with startup and product experience to develop their Minimum Viable Product into its next phase.

Hiyield’s experience and expertise were what they were looking for, as well as being a concept that aligned with the ethos of the Hiyield team – tech for good. Excitingly, Hiyield were their top choice.

Company Size



£80,000 – £100,000

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The solution

Reimagining OIG through project discovery.

Matt Ville, Founder of Hiyield and CEO, clarified the project’s priorities and conducted a UX and technical audit of the current version of the product. He was looking for a complete overview of the current Minimum Viable Product (MVP), looking for opportunities, problems, the tech stack, the user journey and everything in between.

Shortly after, he allocated the best-suited Senior Developer and Senior UX/UI Designer to be part of the OIG digital product redesign team.

With the team assembled Matt booked a Full Discovery Session, going on to find out these key outcomes.

Discovery outcomes.

Security is the number one priority.

Most users are suspicious of uploading information online, especially something so personal. There was significant speculation that the platform would steal their sensitive data.

Further Product features for maximum product value.

Generally, most users only think about having or needing a will. However, there’s so much more that people should plan for in the event of bereavement, taking the pressure off loved ones: funerals, individual messages, personal gifts, charity donations and more.

A new User Experience.

Hiyield’s Senior UX/UI Designer put together wireframes. Then, going on to create a clickable prototype of the product and website.

Key features:

  • Document upload
  • Help and Guidance to the user
  • Login and register flow
  • New web dashboard

Key UI features:

  • Green ticks/writing to give the user a sense of reward when they have added a document
  • Simple and clear layout
  • Simple and clean look and feel for maximum trust
  • Obvious information on pages regarding security.

Developing the product and landing page.

Once the prototype had the sign-off from Ian and the team, the developers started to code away. They worked closely throughout, delegating tasks for the product build and the new website.

Key technical elements:

  • Language: C#, Python, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5
  • Server-side:, Django
  • Client-side: Vue.js,
  • CSS and UI: Tailwind CSS

Ian’s vision of progressing OIG was complete.

The OIG digital product went from MVP to the next stage of its journey, where it helped accelerate its user base. Hiyield continues to work side-by-side, providing tech advice and outsourced software development.

Remote team integrations are fantastic.

Many businesses are wary of partnering with remote agencies. But with the use of online tools, Hiyield and OIG united to operate as a team daily.

Refining a marketing strategy

Now that OIG has increased the product’s value and found product-market fit, the OIG team are refining their marketing strategy and communications to onboard more users before going onto their next funding round.

The results

OIG x Hiyield is working together for continued growth.

“It is a pleasure to work with Matt and the team at Hiyield. From the initial conversation through to delivery, it’s very much felt like Hiyield are a part of the OIG team. Hiyield uses a highly collaborative approach and has a high level of technical skills that covers all areas from project management through to design and development.”

Ian Dibb, Co-Founder & CEO

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