Rapid Application Development

Learn how you can use rapid iterative development loops to create amazing applications.

Rapid Application Development

What is rapid application development?

Rapid application development (RAD), is an agile methodology that speeds up product development. Unlike traditional methods, RAD focuses on swift, iterative changes to gather continuous feedback and enhance the product’s quality.

RAD vs. waterfall

In comparison to the rigid waterfall model, RAD embraces flexibility. Waterfall projects follow a strict plan, whereas RAD thrives on real-time feedback. Changes in RAD are not disruptions; they’re encouraged and welcomed.

Why opt for RAD?

RAD shines in projects that evolve over time, making it perfect for innovative, ever-changing domains like software development. It’s not suitable for projects with specifically defined scopes, such as building a house, or projects with well-established processes.

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Steps of RAD

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Project requirements

In RAD, defining the project scope morphs into outlining requirements. Key stakeholders decide what issues need solving, allowing for flexibility and adaptation. Additionally, RAD outlines strategies for addressing any future issues.

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Building a prototype

The development team creates prototypes based on design concepts, incorporating feedback from the construction phase.

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The client’s input influences construction, and the process loops back to improving the prototype. This iterative cycle continues until the client is satisfied.

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The final product takes shape, and testing takes place. The value of the iterative process becomes evident as the product evolves.

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Beware of feature creep

RAD’s continuous feedback loops can lead to feature creep, where new, unplanned features emerge. While this can be beneficial, it’s crucial to revisit project requirements to maintain focus.

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