Conversion Rate Optimisation

Ready to convert more users into sales? We’ve helped businesses such as xigxag gain 4.5x more clicks and 67x more impressions.

Unlocking conversion rate optimisation

Let’s break down what conversion rate optimisation (CRO) entails. Essentially, CRO is the art of enhancing user experience (UX) to maximise the percentage of visitors who take desired actions, such as making a purchase or filling out a contact form. It’s about improving the journey your users take on your website, making it easier, more efficient, and more appealing.

Why conversion rate matters

Conversion rates are pivotal in today’s digital landscape. They signify the proportion of successful interactions compared to the total number of visitors or sessions on your website. For instance, CRO can be used to measure the conversions you receive from search engine traffic or the leads generated on your website. More importantly, it reveals how effective your content is and how it directly impacts your business’s bottom line.

Our approach to optimising conversions

Our method for enhancing conversion rates begins with a strong emphasis on UX. Without an intuitive and enjoyable UX, all your CRO and marketing efforts could be in vain. Our team of UX designers begins by examining the complete user journeys and the aesthetics of your website or app. Only when we’re sure that your user’s needs are met do we implement a range of proven CRO techniques.

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Effective conversion rate optimisation tips

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Improve your UX

Streamline the user journey by eliminating unnecessary obstacles. Simplify the process and reduce the number of clicks required for a conversion.

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Ensure security

Prioritise the security of payment processes, user data, and more. Our experience has taught us the significance of a secure environment for your users.

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Simplify your website

Remove clutter and unnecessary elements from your site. A clean, user-friendly design can largely enhance the overall buying experience.

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Clear CTAs

Strategically place clear and compelling calls to action (CTA) throughout your website. These CTAs should guide users toward making purchases or seeking more information.

The power of CRO techniques

Once the UX of your website or app is finely tuned, we delve into various CRO strategies, including A/B testing and social proofing. These techniques aren’t based on opinions but on real data, ensuring that every change we make is grounded in evidence. This data-driven approach allows us to take timely actions that drive results.

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We’re really pleased with how the site turned out. We’re already seeing the impact of Hiyield’s work — we saw almost 4.5x more clicks and 67x more impressions from our site within a month. So far, we’ve only indexed 17% of our site’s pages, so we are expecting those numbers to still increase.

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