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The Business Show 2021 wrap up!

Our first ever trade show. And what an experience. Busy, rewarding, exciting and fun! Here's how it went…

Emil Pruden
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Our first ever trade show. And what an experience. Busy, rewarding, exciting and fun! Here is how it went…

What’s your digital problem?

Before anything, it was time for us to create messaging about what we do here at Hiyield. 

We wanted something eye-catching, to have a fresh approach in the industry and get as many people talking to us as possible.

We’re a digital product studio, and let’s be honest, most people don’t know what this is. So, we’re on a mission to educate people and businesses to harness the power of our services and process.

What better way to get people talking than by asking them a question! 

This is where ‘What’s your digital problem?’ came from. The main message to our Business Show campaign.

What happened…

FREE website audit

Our Lead UX & UI designer was part of the team up in London, where we offered free website audit to anyone that wanted one.

This was a hit!

Drive leads, engagement & revenue using the power of digital tools!

In a world that’s becoming continuously more digital, their are new methods businesses can utilise, one of which is a digital tool (a solution we create). So, our Co-founder and CTO, Matt Ville created a talk around the topic.

What is a digital tool? How are they useful? And how can they drive revenue?

Matt answered all of these Q’s at The Business Show with a solid response, with some even staying to chat afterwards. 

What a result!

Don’t worry if you have missed this you can watch the entire talk on our Instagram, or you can read our latest Insight: How interactive digital tools create huge value for businesses.

We’re in conversation with 500+ people

What an experience. 

Our first ever Trade Show where we went big, talking to hundreds if not a thousand people. Not to mention getting five hundred people looking to learn more about what we do as a digital product studio, which is not just a website agency, but a whole world of bespoke software and UX design that creates a huge return for businesses.

What we like to say is, ‘We help businesses discover and deliver the right software for the right reasons.’

This is what we do.

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Let’s get started!

Great digital products aren’t just built, they’re co-created. Together, let’s breathe life into your idea, crafting solutions that stand out.