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Our Journey to Becoming B Corp

We are one step closer to becoming B Corp certified, as we have now submitted our application. In this insight I sat down with Laura Hudspith, Head of Operations and Delivery, who has led us through our journey so far. Here’s what happened.

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We are one step closer to becoming B Corp certified, as we have now submitted our application. In this insight I sat down with Laura Hudspith, Head of Operations and Delivery, who has led us through our journey so far. Here’s what happened.

Interviewing Laura about our B Corp journey

We are currently in the process of becoming B Corp certified, and we have taken a considerable step forward by submitting our application. Laura Hudspith, our Head of Operations and Delivery, has led us through this journey. To gain valuable insights, I sat down with Laura and asked her about our B Corp journey so far and what lies ahead…

How Did We First Find Out About B Corp?

“It all started with one of our awesome team members here at Hiyield. They introduced us to B Corp and explained how incredible it is. We’re all about valuing our team and their suggestions, so we knew we had to learn more. As time passed, we noticed B Corp gaining more recognition, and our curiosity grew.”

Why Did We Decide to Become B Corp?

“After we experienced a period of serious growth, we started thinking about our identity as a business. B Corp aligned with our aspirations and the impact we wanted to make. This provides us with a framework to strive for the objectives we aim to accomplish.”

How Do You Think Becoming B Corp Will Change Us as a Business?

“We’re making our mission about positively impacting people and the environment. We are also implementing policies such as choosing more environmentally friendly business travel options, offsetting any business travel and offsetting our carbon footprint.

As individuals we already shared the B Corp values, but now we have a framework to make those a tangible reality. We are now able to implement policies and ways of working that will see a real impact, for example, a sustainable business travel policy, training up Mental Health First Aiders and introducing Wellbeing Champions and making informed choices about the companies we buy from.”

Can You Tell Me a Little Bit About What the Process of Applying to B Corp Was Like?

“To apply for B Corp certification, we had to respond to questions across five categories: governance, workers, community, the environment, and customers. Once we completed the questionnaire, we received a score of 82.8, and the minimum score required for approval is 80. We are currently awaiting the assessment of the details and evidence we’ve provided to award us the B Corp certification.”

What Support Have You Had on Your Way to Becoming a B Corp?

“Last year, our fabulous client xigxag obtained the B Corp certification, which inspired us to start our own B Corp journey. We attended a lunch and learn with xigxag, where we had the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights into their experience.

We have also found a supportive B Corp community in Cornwall and beyond, Leap. Design for Change who are in the same building as us and have been helpful giving us advice and guidance.”

What Are the Biggest Advantages for Us of Becoming B Corp?

“Becoming B Corp offers several advantages for our business. It allows us to proudly showcase our responsible practices, attracting new employees and clients who are socially and environmentally conscious. Being part of the B Corp movement opens doors to collaborations and partnerships while reinforcing our brand and positive impact. And fundamentally, we believe this is the right way to do business.”

Are There Any Initiatives or Projects We’ve Started as Part of Our B Corp Journey?

“Since starting our B Corp journey, we have established a B Team who are our company champions for the triple bottom line.

We’ve also been an Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce for over six months. During this time, we have funded the planting for over 2,000 trees and supported the prevention of over 100 tCO2e emissions.

We have worked with the University of Exeter and the TEVI project to produce a detailed carbon report, which has helped us answer the B Corp environmental questions.”

What Advice Would You Give to Others Looking to Apply to Become B Corp?

“Don’t go on this journey alone! Get your team on board; it’s a lot of work, but having the support and input of your team members makes it smoother and more enjoyable. Don’t forget about the incredible B Corp community out there. They’ve been through it all and are more than happy to lend a helping hand. Reach out to these friendly people for advice and guidance.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into our B Corp journey

We’re on a mission to create positive change and are thrilled to have you along for the ride. Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting B Corp journey!

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