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Digital Product of the Week | July

Welcome to: ‘Digital product of the week’, July edition. Where every month we select four upcoming or exciting Digital products that catch our eye.

Emil Pruden
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‘Take your remote team out for lunch.

Forget the receipts and the hours spent trying to reimburse everyone. Simply create a perk for that.’

SimplePerks is a cool new product that is worth a look at if your a remote team.

The Newsroom

‘Fight misinformation. Promote plurality online.’

Are you bored of online misinformation?

From a mobile app to a Chrome extension, The Newsroom are fighting misinformation and promoting plurality online.


‘The B2B automation software for smart marketers.

Plezi is a unique and effective platform for inbound marketing:

  • Understand your prospects interests and goals
  • Push relevant and effective content automatically
  • Reduce the sales cycle whilst driving conversion’


‘The next-gen influencer marketing platform for startups and SMBs.

Work with +10M creators and get results. Use the Favikon Score to 100% guarantee the creator quality 🚀’

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