Code Review

Are you worried that your code is holding your business back? Our CTOs and senior developers will investigate your code from top to bottom. Here’s how we do it.

A fresh take on your code

What is a code review?

Code review is more than just peeking into your lines of code; it’s about understanding your journey, aspirations, and the barriers in your digital growth.

  • Have you changed hands with multiple digital agencies over the years?
  • Concerned if your code is robust enough to fuel further growth?

Let Hiyield be your guiding light.

With a seamless blend of our senior full-stack developers and CTOs, we offer a comprehensive code review process, ensuring your code is not the limiting factor in your ambition.

Our approach

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1. Understanding your vision

Before delving deep into the code, we wish to understand the ‘why’ behind your quest. Recognising your objectives, goals, and vision is paramount to our review process. We strive to align our approach with your aspirations to achieve optimum results.

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2. Diving deep: the technical code review

Armed with a deeper understanding of your goals, we’ll dissect your code meticulously. With a curious mind, we question, probe, test, and analyse.

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3. Comprehensive reporting

After our review, we prioritize transparency. Our report outlines findings and actionable steps. Plus, we’re here for direct discussions, whether virtually or in-person, to address any questions.

Here’s a glimpse of our code review checklist:

  • Code language and framework utilised.
  • Recency and security of packages, libraries, and modules.
  • Use of open and closed-source packages.
  • Internal maintenance of closed source.
  • Source control software preferences.
  • Evaluation of system security and authentication protocols.
  • Overview of user permissions and role-based access controls.
  • Status of automated deployments and CI/CD pipeline insights.
  • Pre-production, staging, and testing environments.
  • Emergency preparedness: data and code backups and the frequency of ‘fire-drill’ tests.
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Why choose us for your code review?

At Hiyield, we’re not just a digital product studio; we’re your climate-conscious partners in growth. Our code review is tailored to reveal opportunities, ensure security, and drive digital product efficiency.

Your next step

If you’re poised to take your digital product to the next level and ensure it’s aligned with your vision, Hiyield is here to guide you. Our team, backed by experience and expertise, is just a call away. Ready to unlock the true potential of your code?

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Very smart talented people who do their absolute utmost to help you create an incredible product. I would highly recommend!!

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