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Carbon-free Energy 24/7

Carbon-free 24/7

Fast forward to a carbon-free energy future, 24/7

Carbon-free Energy 24/7

Visually interesting, accessible and simple to roll out

Direction 1: Icons and illustrations

Direction 2: Modern UI using fast forward motif

  • Left and right feature block
  • Testimonial slider
  • Three column content
  • Process block
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Partnership logo block

In a few day’s, the design was signed off and the landing page was ready for development. Full Stack Developer Rach took the lead, rapidly developing a responsive website using a Nuxt.js framework with a Mailchimp integrated form. Figma was used for an effortless design to development handover, and productive team-wide collaboration where GreenHouse PR could see the progress and give feedback. [Quote here]


#GoCarbonFree launched at COP26 in Glasgow

Case studies

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