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What is a digital strategy and why do you need one?

In the business world, you can’t go anywhere without hearing people mention digital strategy. But what is a digital strategy? And why do you even need one?

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What is a digital strategy and why do you need one? 

What is a digital strategy?

A digital strategy focuses on using tech to improve your business.
That might mean creating new digital products, or it might mean using technology to improve your systems and processes.

In this strategy, you outline how you will create a competitive advantage by using digital technologies.

Why do you need a digital strategy?

By having a digital strategy, you are outlining your planned pathway to your goals.
It helps you determine benchmarks you want to hit and is a place where you can decide the tactics you will try to help you get there.

What does a digital strategy look like?


This should be the first step, as it informs the rest of your digital but it is also the perfect time to reassess your target user, your current tactics, and your SMART goals.

Eliminate missed opportunities

Whilst developing your digital strategy, you will be able to spot missed opportunities in your existing plan and activities. Looking at things with fresh, critical eyes can often show you things you have missed or not thought about before.

Get direction

Having a digital strategy helps you create a clear path to your goals.
Setting benchmarks will help keep you on track to your major goals, and give you a sense of achievement as you meet them.


Having your whole team aligned and focused on this one strategy is incredibly important and effective. It drastically improves your chances of success.

How to create a digital strategy

If you need help creating your strategy, we are available to help you.
Just book in a pre-discovery session with us where we can discuss your business and your goals.

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