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Hiyield joins the global B Corp community

Discover how Hiyield's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility led to its membership in the global B Corp community.

Emil Pruden
3 min read

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We at Hiyield are excited to share a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainability and social responsibility.

We’re now a B Corp certified company!

Hiyield Team with B Corp Logo

But, what does it mean?

Being a B Corp means we’re part of a global community committed to using business as a force for good. This certification recognises our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

And, why does it matter?

For us at Hiyield, this isn’t an accolade. It’s about reinforcing our promise to you – to deliver digital products and solutions that are not only innovative and user-friendly but also ethically and environmentally conscious.

Our Pledge:

  • Sustainable Innovation: We’re doubling down on creating digital products that are as eco-friendly as they are efficient.
  • Community Focus: Our success is shared with the community, ensuring we give back and make a positive impact.
  • Transparent Practices: Every step we take will be with full transparency and ethical consideration.

Celebrating our B Corp certification at our Christmas do

Excitingly, the news of us becoming a B Corp was made even more special as we celebrated our Christmas party with the entire team, providing a perfect backdrop for revealing this joyous news. Our team, dressed in Hiyield hoodies and wearing smiles, stood together to mark this pivotal moment in our company’s history.

The Hiyield Team at Chrsitmas

A closer look of our B Corp journey with Laura

Dive into the heart of our B Corp journey with Laura, our Head of Operations, as she discusses what this milestone means for Hiyield and our broader mission.

Jump into some of our initiatives

Discover the initiatives we’ve implemented as part of our B Corp journey from some of the B Corp team here at Hiyield.

Mug with the Hiyield logo on it

Our carbon reduction plan

  • Estimated Carbon & Emissions reports – when we build you a website or digital product we let you know how much CO2e was produced as a result of our work together. We then offset this by planting trees with our partners Ecologi to make your digital project completely carbon neutral.
  • IT Equipment: We’ve shifted our procurement policy to prefer refurbished tech, reducing electronic waste and promoting circular economy principles.
  • Software Licences: By scrutinising our supply chain, we’ve transitioned to ‘Low Carbon’ alternatives, focusing on renewable energy-powered hosting services.
  • Staff Commuting: We’re actively working to reduce commuting emissions, encouraging sustainable travel options among our team.
  • Energy Usage: Our ongoing efforts to minimise energy consumption include prioritising renewable energy sources wherever feasible.
  • Green Champions: Our dedicated Green Champions are at the forefront, ensuring we stay abreast of sustainable practices and embedding environmental values into every aspect of our business.

And that’s a wrap

What a great way to end the year, with great news and a super festive Christmas do. And, if you’ve read something you like and are looking to create something digital in 2024, be sure to get in touch.

Together, we’re contributing to a sustainable future. By choosing us, you will be supporting a vision that values people, community, and the planet just as much as the digital world.

We’re not just building a business; we’re nurturing a community of conscious individuals and organisations eager to make a positive impact.

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