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5 Tips for Consistent Branding & Why it Matters

You see branding everywhere in your day-to-day life. Establishing a strong brand and keeping it consistent will help you grow your business.

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You see branding everywhere in your day-to-day life, from the cereal you eat in the morning to the toothpaste you use in the evening. 

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1. Construct Brand Guidelines

Constructing brand guidelines will help you avoid making mistakes while working with your brand. Once finalising your brand guidelines make sure to share them with the rest of your company. Therefore, when anyone people at the company create brand assets, they will align with the companies brand guidelines.

Global Banking and Finance Review stated that 71% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product or service from a brand they recognise. This is why having detailed brand guidelines is important as you will gain more customers.

Some things to include in your brand guidelines are:

  • Logos any rules surrounding your logos and how they can and can’t be used
  • Colour palettes primary and secondary colours
  • Typography font styles, sizes and spacing
  • Imagery photos and illustrations
  • Tone of voice how your brand should sound

2. Create Brand Templates

By creating editable brand templates, this will help make your content creation process easier and consistent – look at making lots of different editable templates for the different channels that you use. 

When creating editable brand templates consider the following:

  • Size which size does the template need to be for this type of content 
  • Colour what brand colours will you use for which pieces of content 
  • Font which of your fonts will be used and what size will they be
  • Imagery what imagery will be used for which pieces of content 

Having in-depth brand templates will make you recognisable on all of the channels where you share content. Share all of your brand templates so that the rest of your team or company can make and share content while still aligning with your guidelines.

3. Place your logo on everything that goes out

Your logo will help with brand recognition, so make sure that you incorporate your logo on anything that people will see from your brand, like social media assets, or even t shirts. In fact, 75% of people recognise a brand from its logo, so it’s extremely important to increase the chances of being recognised.

4. Keep a Consistent Schedule for Marketing

The rule of 7 states that it takes people an average of 7 interactions with your brand before making a purchase. Therefore, keep a consistent schedule for any marketing content going out on online or offline channels so that your brand is on people’s minds.

When creating your marketing content, make sure that people will recognise you straight away. So, make sure to use those trusty brand templates that I mentioned before. Also, create a strategy and plan of action for your content based on your target audience.

5. Create a Tone of Voice

Having a consistent tone of voice gives your brand a personality which builds trust with your audience. Using the same message across all of your channels will make you seem more authentic to your audience. 25% of people recognise a brand from its unique tone of voice, so make sure that it aligns with your message when constructing your tone of voice. 

Determining your target audience will help you select the right tone of voice so that you use a tone of voice that they can relate to and understand.

Establishing a strong brand and keeping it consistent will help you grow your business. Your brand matters to your business because:

  • It’s how new customers see you for the first time
  • Your brand builds trust with your customers 
  • It’s the face of your business
  • Your brand sets you apart from your competitors 

All of these are important to your business’s growth and having consistent branding is how you build this. I hope that this was helpful and that now you have a better understanding of how to have consistent branding and why it matters to your business.

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