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5 best things about being a Junior Developer at Hiyield

Ever wondered what it is like being a Junior Developer at hiyield? Here are Justin's 5 of the best things about being a Junior Developer.

Emil Pruden
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Want to know what it’s like to be a junior developer? Meet Justin.

 5 best things about being a Junior Developer

Today, there are many more people choosing to learn in the workplace rather than going down the traditional route of University.

Giving opportunities to those eager to learn in the world of tech is something integral to us as an agency. Therefore we work in partnership with colleges in Cornwall to give support to those ready to take accelerate a career.

One of the first Junior Developers we took on, was Justin Lipkin. Here he breaks down his 5 best things about being a Junior Developer here at Hiyield.

  1. Working on real-world projects
  2. The team
  3. Get paid while working
  4. I get to prove myself
  5. Building up a portfolio of work and experience

Started coding in your spare time? Take a look at our careers pages today.

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