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A bespoke WordPress website with a split user journey for students and businesses

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The challenge

_nology x Hiyield

Originally, _nology’s website was a single page on their sister company’s website. But, as _nology grew, the team knew that they needed a better website to be at the top of its game, communicating about the benefits of a career in technology and getting more people signed up to _nology’s training courses.

With a wealth of experience, Hiyield was the perfect fit for _nology, especially appreciating their UX/UI Design expertise.

Discovery & UX Design
Company Size



£80k -£100k

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The solution

_nology is a training and talent hub for the next generation of developers

_nology is an exciting company that offers a fast-track 12-week software developer course. They take someone from zero experience to coding websites. Plus, once they’ve trained new people into developers, they have a bank of talent to match up with businesses needing an in-house software developer.

It is a win-win for everyone.

The team

Hiyield’s senior UX/UI Designer took the lead on Visual design and UX, and their software development team set up the development environment getting ready for the build once _nology’s web design had signed off.

Hiyield set up a slack channel and used the project management tool Productive to unite all team members for complete transparency of the project.

Identifying two main user groups

In the project’s Discovery phase, a key outcome identified the two core target user groups, where the site should take two journeys. These were:

  • A user who’s looking to become a developer
  • A user who is looking to hire a developer (an employer or company)

The event page

Another key outcome was to have an easily identifiable page for events as _nology hosts free events, including a coding taster session that is key for a potential person to see if software development is the right career path.

A bold, friendly, smooth design.

The Lead UX/UI designer at Hiyield used all of the user insights to create the website’s wireframes. Then, with a few amends, the wireframes were signed off by the _nology team. Now, the site was ready for a splash of colour with a modern design.

The website uses a design pattern system that uses reusable patterns or blocks that the team at _nology can arrange to create a page within WordPress, the Content Management Systems (CMS). For this project, we used Advanced Custom Fields.

The design addressed the two main target user groups and gave a straightforward experience taking the users through the correct journey (see examples below).

Designing tools:

  • FlowMap
  • Sketch
  • Invision

Developing _nology’s new website

The Lead UX/UI designer had a handover with the development team. Then, the development team started to code away, pattern by pattern. 

Key technical elements:

  • Language: PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • WordPress – Plugins: Advanced Custom Fields, Yoast SEO, Smush, Redirection
  • Tailwind CSS

The results

Adding content and going live

Once the new _nology website was complete, it was time for content population. And, in only a week, the website was ready to go live. 

Traffic started to roll in, and instantly the website saw an uplift of users taking action, increasing the volume of enquiries.

User-focused builds a high-value and result-driven website

Nology is a perfect example of why being user-centric is essential to get the most out of a website. _nology new site has well-thought-out user journeys that take their target users on a journey, giving them the correct information they need.

A website is for a set of users; if you’re not addressing their needs, they will hit the back button. It’s that simple.

_nology’s website identifies its target user, funnelling them down a journey they desire, which makes it so effective

Nology open on a laptop
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Let’s get started!

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