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We’re a UK-based, B Corp, eco-conscious digital product studio, where technology meets sustainability.

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To help businesses grow without the high carbon cost.

We’ve worked with enterprises like Google, University of Exeter, The Wave, and National Grid to innovative startups like ClimateArc, BizSpace, and Stowable to name a few.

And together, we’re crafting a greener future.

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What to expect?

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Case Study

Revolutionising self-storage with Stowable

Stowable collaborated with us to digitise their innovative self-storage service.

The challenge?

To integrate their business model with a sustainable, user-centric digital solution. This included a marketing website, an automated web app for logistics, and a customer portal, all crafted with modern technologies like Nuxt3 and WordPress. Our comprehensive approach also involved developing Stowable’s distinct brand identity, enhancing their digital footprint and customer experience.

“Our partnership with Hiyield has been nothing short of transformative. Their dedication felt as if our project was their own. Efficient, skilled, and with a knack for clear communication, they’ve truly elevated our digital game. If you’re looking for a team that’s as invested in your vision as you are, Hiyield is it!” – James Mugleston

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