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"Hiyield has just built my new website and I am extremely impressed. My marketing agency works primarily with tech companies, so I needed a site that was technically excellent and showcased my brand’s personality. hiyield really understood my vision and totally delivered."

Lyssa-Fêe Crump - Founder

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What is a WYSIWYG in WordPress?

16th July 2021

Emil Pruden

You might have come across this weird word WYSIWYG while using WordPress. What does it mean? And how should you use them correctly?

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Book your free Discovery Session now, ending July!

01st July 2021

Emil Pruden

This summer 2021 is the time to look to innovate your business. We are offering a free Discovery Session to help get you started.

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Building web apps in Python | Why do it?

24th June 2021

Emil Pruden

Learn about out what Python is, why we use it and some examples that you use every day.

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