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Digital Product of the Week | October

For October, we have four super cool Digital Products you've got to check out. From planning your trip away to supporting independent film-makers.

Emil Pruden
1 min read

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Welcome to: ‘Digital product of the week’, October edition. Where every month, we select four upcoming, exciting, innovative Digital Products that catch our eye.

Check out these awesome products!

Nomads Journey

What if before you leave on your trip, you could search for what you can eat in the country you are travelling to based on your diet, allergies and cuisine preferences?

Well, now you can with this week’s digital product of the week! 

Introducing Nomads Journey. 


Want to become your best self? 

Start with mastering your daily habits. 

Use Disciplina for this week’s digital product of the week! 


Want to stop juggling papers, apps and notebooks when going away? 

Plan everything for your trip in one place and create the perfect itinerary with maximum flexibility.

Use Stippl as this week’s digital product of the week!


Ran out of movies to watch? 

Find new movies to watch while supporting independent filmmakers. 

Try Popflick, this week’s digital product of the week.

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